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* GST alarm NET System is specially designed for long distance fire alarm network solutions over a LAN WAN or Internet connection. The system was originally developed for central monitoring of specialist applications such as remote telecom stations, remote railway stations, Petrochemical pipe-line pumping stations, unmanned remote facilities Multinational institutions and Hotel Chains and for central monitoring service providers and Fire brigade control centers.
* The GST Alarm NET enables complete control over remote fire control panels in real time. Including the silencing, isolating and de-isolating of devices, operation of plant equipment, interrogation of individual detectors analogue value plus much more.
* Each main operator is provided with a dual-screen, one for data and the other for graphics, depicting maps and floor plans. Each of the floor plans will display each and every device on the system, with its current status shown on by its colour, and via the data on the text screen.
* The user friendly topology of the systems enables the controller to simply and efficiently control the complete operation, simply seamlessly scrolling from one monitor to the other with the mouse.
* Other users can still monitor the system from anywhere in the world (subject to network access) via there laptop PC’s but scrolling between text and graphics window on the single screen
* Each fire alarm panel connected to the network takes an individual IP address. The control center is based on a computer utilizing Microsoft Windows. All signals are transferred directly through the WAN/internet, therefore overcoming any distance limitations that can be found in standard fire alarm network solutions.
* At the control center, when the fire signal comes in, firstly the local warning alarm will sound, or digital voice message will broadcast, simultaneously, the geography map will show the location of the project. Also the detail site drawings can be shown manually with a simple click of a mouse, indicating the floor plans with exact location of the detector in alarm.
* Networks that need to cross public roads or airport runways etc can integrate the GST TCP/IP Alarm NET with wireless LAN technology provided by other manufacturers.

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